Sunday, September 12, 2004

Greenwich & Beyond

Well if your from America you'll read the title and say "Greenwich" but if your in the UK you'll pronounce it "Grenich". If you don't know Greenwich is the zero spot for longitude, so now I can say that I've been at 0 degrees 0 minutes longitude, other wise known as the Prime Meridian. It's the reference line for east and west. Basically it's the zero spot for time also. All timezones are relative to Greenwich, so California is -8 Greenwich Mean Time. They have a laser at night that shines directly down the line, and this huge brass line in the courtyard so you can take pictures. Of course I had to take a picture...

And just for Kent, I was on the east side of the world, flashing East Side ;)

So touring around Greenwich took up most of the day, mainly because we had a guided tour that lasted entirely TOO long. I can only take so much dry British humor... Afterwards, we had a free all-day pass to anywhere in London on the Underground, so my friends and I decided to just go to some place random and see what's there. So we stopped at the London bridge and walked across. London is absolutely beautiful at night.

Well time to go, time to socialize with my housemates...


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