Friday, September 24, 2004

The House

Here's my long awaited introduction to my neighborhood, my house, and my room.

If you want to see a map where the house is, click here. Or find it yourself, my address here is:
Elliot DeRemer
56 Prince's Gate
London, UK

Here's the neighborhood, and what I see everyday...

A view of down the street (south) of the house. On the left is the Victoria & Albert Museum, and on the right is the Natural History Museum. (Both are literally 100 meters away)

The northern view, across the street on the right is the house, and on the left is Imperial College (the MIT of England), and about 2 blocks north is Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens.

The front of the house, with our keyless entry door (we have RFID cards in our wallets, so we just have to wave it in front of a sensor on the right. The basement is where the student lounge is with a TV, kitchen, and computer lab (along with a few rooms). The ground floor (1st floor in America) is all offices for administrators and a nice library. The first floor (2nd floor in America) is where I live, it has 4 guy rooms, I live on the other side of the house though. The second floor (3rd in America) is the girls's where i spend all my spare time ;). And the third floor is the faculty housing (I never go up there!!).

Above left: This is the back of the house, and the second floor windows on the right (remember, 3rd floor in america!) is my room. Above right: This is the park that's immediately behind the house, so we can just go out onto that patio and through the gate and be here in this super nice park. This also happens to be the view from my window.

And finally, what you've all been waiting room!

Above left: My desk, duh! Above right: The OTHER side of the room, where my messy roommates have yet to clean up their stuff. (and yes, i do live with 4 other guys, it's hell, trust me)

And my bed (I'm on top, Ethan's below me). With my dresser to the right of the bed with all my stuff on top.

Yeah so that's pretty much it, the student lounge is cool, i'll get some pictures of that soon. It's decorated really funly (yes i made that word up, get over it dad). Oh, and here's something you Republicans might get a kick out of...

That's all of us first time voters with President George W. Bush's aunt. I forget her name, but she's President Herbert Bush's sister. She came one day for our convocation and tried to get us to vote for Bush. We had a student debate over Bush vs. Kerry, but of course Pepperdine invites Bush's aunt to come and talk to us and shmooze... Where's Kerry's aunt?!? Anyways, sorry I just don't like to be brainwashed and it really annoys me when a school says that it's open and free, but blatantly obviously pushes their agenda on you.

Alright this is enough for today!


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