Monday, September 13, 2004

London Eye

Hey guys. I don't have much time to write, but i'm going to put up some pictures so you guys can see what I saw today. Today and tomorrow our class assignments are to go somewhere in London (we have a list of 12 museums, sights, and touristy places), take pictures, and report back to the class on what we saw. My group consisting of Matt, Laura and some other girl (I forgot her name...), we went to the London Eye. The London Eye looks like a big ferris wheel, however the Brits get a little offended if you call it a ferris wheel, it is an observation wheel. And the biggest observation wheel in the world.

The London Eye, right next to an art museum.

The best part of taking photographs in London is that your almost never in direct sunlight, so you get a really nice overcast even light. Also your always guaranteed an interesting sky in the picture.

The view from the top, approximately 135 metres above the water below.

Afterwards (it takes about 30 minutes for the wheel to make one revolution) we walked around Westminster and Victoria. We wandered past Westminster Abbey and the Parliament House.

Parliament House with Big Ben

Alright guys, I gotta take a nap. This jet lag is killing me. And I have a presentation on what I saw today in about 30 minutes. So I just need some Elliot time, just me, my music, and my beloved pillow...

A rather cool (I think) shot of Westminster Abbey


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