Sunday, September 19, 2004

Weekend in Bath & Stonehenge

Alright mates, I trust everything is going great with you? ...Excellent!

This was my first weekend abroad that we could do whatever we and go wherever we choose. I went with a group of 11 people to visit Bath in southwestern England. We left early on Friday morning on a charter bus to Bath. It took nearly 4 hours to get there because we got caught in traffic outside of London. But I really didn't even know because I was asleep for the entire time. The night before I had been up till 2:30 Am and then woke up at 6AM. So you can imagine how tired I was.

We arrived in Bath around noon time, and after we ate some pretty bad food at a local pub, we spent the rest of the day exploring around the town. Bath is actually a pretty big city (roughly 80,000 people), however the area we were in was the tiny touristy area. We didn't see much of the city at all. The main attraction of Bath is the Roman public bath that they built atop a natural spring. The structure is entirely Roman, but built by English, so there's traces of both in the architecture.

This is me and my friend Brecken at the Roman bath.

The tour of the bath was interesting, however a little boring at times and very overpriced. The town itself was more interesting. It had a local church that was about 500 years old. There were a lot of little shops, including a San Francisco fudge factory that is very famous. Apparently it's so famous that our guide to all of England mentions it. And I admit, it was really good fudge, but I figure if want some more I'll just drive up to San Francisco and get the real thing. ;)

We spent Friday night at a local hostel called the Bath Backpackers Hostel. Hostels are really nice these days, they provide bunk beds, sheets, pillows and covers, all for 13 pounds a night. We really didn't get that much sleep that night, all of us were out all night at a local pub called The Pig and Fiddle and when we got back to the hostel we were all still wired so instead of sleeping we all just stayed up half the night joking around and pulling pranks on the first people to fall asleep.

Anyways the next day we hired a tour van to take all 11 of us to Stonehenge. Stonehenge is actually much smaller than you'd think, or at least what I thought it would be.

From left to right: Me, Brecken, Michelle, Ethen and Allison at Stonehenge.

This little village called Bradford on Avon. We stopped there for 15 minutes to visit a local church and take pictures.

Alright guys, it's getting late and I have to read 3 Acts of Romeo & Juliet. Hope you guys are doing great. Email me sometime!!


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