Thursday, October 28, 2004

Greece Roadtrip!!

So Pepperdine calls last week the "Educational Fieldtrip". We called it the best week ever (VH1 can sue me). It was the greatest time we've had so far. All 46 of us (including about 6 administrators and faculty family) traveled to Greece to explore the historical significance of the ancients. But we did so much more than that. Oh sure we saw the Acropolis (it was cool), the Parthenon, Mar's Hill, the Oracle in Delphi, Temple of Zeus, the site of the first Olympics in Olympia, and the ruis and Corinth. That was just the stuff that we *had* to do. Our program director is so awesome that she gave us lots of free time to do whatever we wanted. So besides those historical sites, we visited the Olympica Stadium in Athens, and the island of Aegina (my personal favorite). Here's the run down...

We left London on Monday night, arrived at our 4 star hotel in Athens at about 6AM. We were given until 12PM to sleep or do whatever (all of us slept). Then we began the tour of Athens by bus. Little did we know we'd be spending A LOT of time on that bus. We saw the Temple of Zeus, stopped at the original Olympic Stadium (pictures of the new one below!), and walked around the Plaka (old town Athens). At night we ate at an authentic (although very obviously aimed at tourists) Greek restaurant. They had dancing and singing on a stage... it was pretty interesting, and the food was good.

Next day -- Walked up to the Acropolis (serious just up the street from our hotel, we could go onto the roof and see it all lit up at night...what a nice hotel) saw the Parthenon, toured around some more museums, got yelled at *numerous* times by the guards... we were walking around the Agoura (gardens) and got yelled at for sitting on a bench (wasn't a bench after all), posing infront of a temple, standing on these pillars (pictured below, but we did that because we KNEW we were gonna get yelled at), got yelled at for accidentally walking off the path... by the time we left, we had guards following us, it was really stupid... i'm not going back there!! By the end of the day, it was a competition among us to see who could get yelled at the most. Anyways, after that we headed off to the new Olympic Stadium - got there right at sunset! And while we were there we ran into a Greek MP who informed us that we were stupid Americans who were trying to "conquer" Iraq, and that killing insurgents was pointless because "they are like roaches, they just keep coming back." What an amazing specimen of a man.

So the next morning we all herded onto the bus for our day long travel out of Athens, through Delphi where we saw the ruins of the ancient Oracle, and eventually ended up in Olympia where they light the Olympic torch every year. I can't really say much about what went on, when you put 40 college students on a bus for 2 days...strange things happen... we had some great times on that bus though, eventually you just get into some strange mood where everything's funny and you just get really goofy. anyways...

We got back to Athens on Friday night and walked around the old Plaka more, ate dinner (they have some AMAZING crepe places there!!) and came back to the hotel, went to bed and woke up at 6 00 AM on Saturday to catch a ferry to the island of Aegina. This was by far the best part of Greece for me! We rented scooters and rode around the island for the next 4 hours. The rental place we rented from was kinda sketch, they didn't give us helmets, and took our licenses away from us... but it was so cool to have the Greek air rushing by you as you hugged the coast! So awesome, i want to go back from spring break.. anyone down to come along?? (except you parents ... =)

So ya! I made it back just fine! Everyone came back sick, so the house is kinda dead. I think pretty much everyone is staying in London this weekend (maybe one or two going to Paris) but next weekend I'm trying to go somewhere (anywhere!!!)... and I might visit Oxford or Stratford. Well, dinner time!!!


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