Friday, October 01, 2004

Our failed travels

Well, I had planned on going to Brighton on the southern coast of England today and tomorrow. But we ran into a hitch. Me, Lianne, Artie, Megan and Caroline got up this morning and took the underground to Victoria station, where many a train and coach leave everyday. When we got there, we found that the train ticket that we thought was 8GBP was actually 22GBP. So while we were standing around discussing what we were going to do, I snapped this photo:

I am of course in the chuck taylor's
Yeah... We were bored. So instead of spending a lot of money on Brighton, we decided to save some money and just hang around London this weekend (just like last weekend). We walked out of Victoria station and just started walking. We got a little lost but managed to find Belgrave Road, where Gwenyth Paltrow lives with the lead singer of Coldplay. We didn't see her, but it is a really nice neighborhood anyways. We ended up walking along the River Thames and just enjoying views like this...

That's Big Ben in the distance and even further is the London eye. We had fun anyways, but all that walking made us really tired, so we had to pop a squat on a bench.

These are my buddies who accompanied me... Megan, Lianne, Caroline and Artie

Yea, I was tired, so those are bags under my eyes =) But yeah I had to lug around a backpack all day filled with useless items (besides the camera), cuz we were planning to stay over night, and I really got sick of hauling that thing around...

Well, we caught a bus to Piccadilly Square so we could do a little shopping. And in case you don't know what Piccadilly Sq. is (I had heard of it before, but didn't know what it was), it's a huge square with lots of shops and Leicester Sq. (pronounced like Lester) has a bunch of clubs, restaurants, shops and pubs.

Piccadilly Square, much reminiscent of Times Sq. in New York, although on a smaller scale.
Anyways, I got back and decided it was time to get a haircut, so I paid Lianne with a PB&J sandwhich (common currency in the house) to cut my hair....

She got a little carried away and cut it all off pretty much, but I like it...and so do the girls here ;)

Alright you guys have a fantastical day, and tomorrow I'll upload pictures of Windsor Castle.


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kirk- the hair looks great, but whatever happened to wolverine?

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