Saturday, November 20, 2004


It's getting colder and colder here. I just walked down the street to get some Chinese food and nearly froze. All the trees around here have lost their leaves, and they just look like skeleton sentinels. When we traveled to Stratford-upon-Avon we only had sweatshirt and jeans, and we really needed winter jackets. (definitely picking one of those up over Christmas) We had a 2 hr train ride to get there and the cabins weren't heater or anything, so we all just huddled together in a corner trying to stay warm. I think we all pretty much passed out sleeping on the train, we were so tired from staying up till 3AM the night before. I'm staying up so late now, last night I was up til 4AM. And really it's not like I'm working on papers or anything (like what I should be doing right now) I'm just hanging out, or just getting in from being out on the town. Here in Europe the nightlife starts much later. Clubs here won't even start getting hot until after midnight, although they will be open from like 10PM. In Greece, clubs won't even open until midnight, and they get hot after 3am. It's so different than the States.

Back to Stratford. We got there and explored around the little town. The whole town seems to be built around the Shakespeare museums. There's at least 4 venues for plays in a really small town. There's I think 4 museums, and Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare was buried (pictured below). I did get one souvenir from a Starbucks. I jacked one of the coffe mugs, so now when I'm writing, I drink from it and Shakespeare's pixie dust helps me write. ;) Speaking of writing... I need more coffee, and need to finish this paper....


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