Sunday, December 05, 2004

3 days left...??

I don't know how this semester went by so fast. Seems like it was just last week that I arrived here, completely confused and jet lagged outta my mind. But now I only have 3 days left. I'm leaving here Thursday afternoon, back to the states. We are having a Christmas party on Wednesday. It's a formal dinner at a really nice hotel in South Kensington and then a dance party afterwards. It's gonna be fun!! But then the next morning we all have to say goodbye... =(

Well I got back from Amsterdam alive....although I didn't sleep much at all. We had to leave for the airport at 5AM this morning, but we didn't even get back from clubbing until 3:30Am.. so we all just stayed up all night... But that made the airplane ride really short. I think I passed out immediately after sitting down, and then woke up AFTER we landed... didn't even wake up for the bumpy landing OR take off... man was I out.. Wish I could do that for all my plane flights (like this 10 hr one coming up...ugggg)

So Amsterdam was great. It was really small though. It's not a big city really... And definately not really what I was expecting at all. I was expecting to see everyone walking around smoking dope and hookers everywhere. But that was just the Red Light district. I got offered weed, cocain, ectasy many many times. Especially since my contacts were acting up, and so my eyes were constantly bloodshot, so all the dealers flocked to me cuz they thought I was already high.

The city itself is really nice. The Dutch are awesome people, for the most part they are really nice. We ran into some rude people though... we got cussed out in the first 5 minutes of leaving our hotel cuz we were walking in the bike path (and evereyone there has a bike, it's their preferred method of transportation, which was just cool by itself). We spent most of the time there walking around, visiting random sights. We were being really cheap to, so we didn't pay to go into the Rijks museum or Anne Franks house.... but we did go there! =) We did pony up the dough to visit the Heineken brewery though. That was an awesome time.... free beer!! wooohooo!

Alright, well I have finals tomorrow.. .and haven't studied at all for them!!! ahhhhhhhhhhh! ok... time to study... talk to you all in a couple days...


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