Friday, December 10, 2004

Amsterdam was awesome

Ok, I don't need to repeat this, but Amsterdam was awesome! Best time of my life ;) We got there and checked into our 5 star hotel. During the day we wandered around the city. Amsterdam is a really nice place, and just to burst all of your preconceived notions that Amsterdam is the devil's hellhole, it's not. It's a really nice city, and the infamous Redlight district is pretty small, only about a square block total. Honestly, a lot of the locals didn't even know where it was. We had to search around for several hours to find it, and Amsterdam isn't even that big of a city (it's actually really small).

Redlight district is hilarious. It's all hookers in windows in their skivvies and strange dirty men wandering around. Me and artie didn't feel very awkward cuz we were with girls, so we felt somehow justified or at least not perverted. We walked around and just laughed.

I can't say a whole lot about Amsterdam, cuz Amsterdam is like Vegas. What happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam ;)

Anways, I'm home now for Christmas... it feels good to be home and eating good food! Looking forward to seeing all the old friends in the next month! Hit me up at home if you want to hang out, remember I still don't have a cell phone, so don't try.. .and i don't have a car, so i'll need a ride ;)


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