Thursday, December 30, 2004

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Seasons Greetings to you all. No doubt you know that I am in Santa Cruz for the holidays, chillin like the villian I am in the hizzouse of the famizzle. (yes, i'm a fan of snoop dogg, get over it) So yea, this is me wishing you all a merry christmas ( i know i had one) and a happy new year ( I know i *won't* be having one...unless one of you fine ladies out there calls me up ). I had to include a picture of me and my dog Toby though. I took this with my new Sony Cybershot DCS-T1. Awesome camera, about the size of a deck of cards and easily slips in my pocket. Although the accessories were a little too expensive, I do love it. It'll get it's true test in Scotland.

Here's the plan in case you were wondering (read: mom, here's my itenerary)
January 6th - arrive London -- A DAY EARLY... thanks dad....
January 7th - sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep ... that jet lag gets me everytime
Jan 8 - leave stansted airport around 5 o'clock arrive Glasgow around 6PM; take a bus to Edinburgh and spend the night at Budget Backpackers (37-39 Cowgate, Grassmarket, Edinburgh)
Jan 9 - take a whirlwind tour of Scotland, stopping at Cairngorm Mountaings, Forth Road Bridge, Ben Nevis, Glencoe, Loch Ness, and Fort Augustus
Jan 10 - explore aroudn Edinburgh (esp. Edinburgh Castle... our hostel is apparently down the street from it)
Jan 11 - wake up early (ugh) take bus back to glasgow airport, leave approx 12noon, arrive london approx 1PM...arrive at house around 3 PM

That's my trip planned, paid for, and highly anticipated both by me and Susan - yes, it's me and girl going for 3 days - get over it mom. ;) Anyways, hope you guys have a great one!! I'll write again probably after Scotland and have a bunch of pictures to share!!


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