Monday, January 31, 2005


This how it all goes down in Germany. They seriously have some of the nicest trains in Europe, from what I hear, only Switzerland has nicer trains. And that whole stereotype about Germans being the most efficient people on the planet...I totally believe it now. Their trains arrive exactly on time, and they leave exactly 3 minutes after they arrive, no later no earlier. Here's the story...

Meaghan and I flew into Frankfurt-Hahn (which is actually no where near Frankfurt). Our plane was about an hour late - we didn't realize it cuz we both fell asleep on the plane. And when we got there we had to wait an hour for the bus to Mainz left. The bus to Mainz took over an hour and we still had a 30 minute cab ride to our hotel. And we still weren't even in Frankfurt. Our hotel was in Rhein-main, a suburb of Frankfurt. By the time we checked in and left our bags behind, it was like 6:30PM. No time to be catching a who-knows-how-long train ride into Frankfurt. So we just decided to stay around the hotel for the night. We walked around a little... restaurante hopped until we found a menu that we could read - I refused to order off anything I couldn't read. So we foudn this sweet little pizzeria that gave you an entire pizza for 4 euros!! Holy crap, that's my favorite place ever. So then we bar hopped and headed back to the hotel.

Next morning we got up and headed out for Heidelberg for the day. Unfortunately, we accidentally - my bad - got on the wrong train. So we got off on the next stop hoping to just turn right around and get going in the right direction. What we didn't know was that it would be another hour until a train came by and picked us up. uggg, we sat in the freezing cold for over an hour just waiting. But we finally got on the right train, transferred a couple time and finally made it into Heidelberg. Apparently Heidelberg has the biggest pedestrian only zone in Europe. It's filled with all sorts of restaurantes, pubs, and shops.

It was cold!!

So we walked around for awhile and looked around. At the end of the zone is the Schloss Castle, and near the castle is the Moore Haus - the Pepperdine house.

The biggest pedestrian only zone in all of Europe... tons of shops and restaurantes

Schloss Castle... it's about 2 blocks from the Moore Haus

So Meaghan and I made the huge climb up to the castle and walked around the gardens and courtyard. It was a pretty cool castle. I haven't been to any castles that weren't in regular use (Tower of London and Windsor Castle are all being used today), so this was interesting. It was really pretty with all the snow over the ground. Made for some nice pictures. You can see all of them at

Me and Meaghan from the Schloss castle and the city behind and below us

So we basically just wandered around and took lots of pictures. We had no idea how to get to Moore Haus, which was our next destination, so luckily we ran into a couple Pepperdine kids wandering around like us and they gave us good directions. It's literally just down the street from the castle. The castle had some pretty fantastic views of Heidelberg though. It's a really pretty town, but I couldn't imagine living there for a year. No way. I'm too spoiled with all the things to do in London. I don't feel bad staying here for a weekend, there's plenty to do and see.

City of Heidelburg and the Neckar River

So next we headed off to the Moore Haus, and we were happy to find that the London house is sooo much nicer than Moore haus! On the outside it looks really really nice...

The Moore Haus, where the Heidelberg Pepperdine kids live

...but when you go inside, it's really dank and dark. It's actually really depressing. It's old and kinda run down. There really isn't a whole lot to do in the house. Their rooms are small (although they claim they are huge, they're nothing compared to our rooms). Their student lounge was just ridiculously small... and they all had the maturity to build a fort down stairs from sheets - which they thought was the coolest thing ever - and I would've thought so too... if i were 10 years old. So we left Heidelberg, headed back to Frankfurt and enjoyed the comfort of our hotel, both of us happy we didn't go to Heidelberg.

So we headed out the next morning, had to take a shuttle to the main Frankfurt airport and then a transfer bus to the Frankfurt-Hahn and then catch a flight home!!! It was a lot of travel as you can see... We didn't have a whole lot of down time. But it was just a quick weekend trip.. what can you do? It was a good weekend. Meaghan and I had fun, she got made fun of in a restaurante by some German guy... it's all good in the hood. So anyways, just wanted to relay the story... I've got a paper to research for and some other reading. Next weekend I'm gonna be in Venice for Carnaval, Europe's celebration of Mardi Gras. It's gonna be spectacular. And the weekend after that I'm in Scotland!

We got to the airport and it was snowing pretty good... i love the snow!

Thursday, January 27, 2005


What does hotdogs have anything to do with this post?

Absolutely nothing.

Except I am going to where they were invented this weekend: Frankfurt Germany. Yea, I really didn't know I was gonna be going anywhere, until I got really bored and a couple nights ago decided to go through all of RyanAir's many destinations (many of which I didn't even know what country they were in) and Frankfurt was cheap for a last minute flight, so I bought two tickets. Me and Meaghan are gonna be bombin it in Germany this weekend. But we are definately avoided Heidelberg... don't want to get sucked into that hell hole.

So classes are going ok. They are long, and a couple of my professors are absolutely horrible. I guess I'll get through it...

Alright, so I'll keep you guys updated on how Frankfurt went and all that. It's dinner time for me!

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Me and Lianne inside Tower of London with Tower Bridge in the background

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Buddy Holly

So I've got a Weezer song stuck in my head, what of it?

Ya know what's gonna be super swell? I'm gonna be in Venice for Carnival!!! In case you didn't know, it's a huuuuuge party all over Venice for mardi gras. Generally you were exotic masks and have a grand time. Here's more info. It's gonna be awesome. I'll be in Venice February 4 - 6.

Also, I booked another trip to Scotland for February 11 - 13. My friend Ethan is turning 21 in a couple days, and so now we are able to rent a car. So me, Ethan, Dap and Justin are doing a boys weekend and heading up to Scotland and driving around for the weekend in a Ford Fusion. Supposedly it's gonna be anywhere from -1 degree C and 6 degrees C. It's gonna be an awesome time. And this time I'm DEFINATELY catching the plane.

Oh.. and the dates for my field trip to Ireland : February 15 - 21. And spring break: February 25 - March 5. Don't know yet what I'm gonna be doing for spring break... we're looking into a cruise on the Nile in Egypt to see the pyramids and just generally relax in warm weather for a week. OR if that falls through or it costs too much, I'm gonna go on a European rampage and hit up Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, and Marseilles. We'll see........... send money.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Chaucer would've been proud

I visited the cathedral at Canterbury, where the pilgrim's in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales were headed. It was also the site of St. Thomas a Becket's murder. The town was pretty interesting from what we saw. There was just a lot of little shops. Seemed like a huge tourist trap, but whatever. There was the Cathedral and an old Norman castle, but it was pretty much in ruins and whatever was left of it was just a wall and couple towers. Me, Meaghan and Dap arrived at around 13.00 and we were leaving by 17.00. There wasn't a whole lot to do. We wandered around the cathedral for about an hour, spent some time walking around the little shopping area, going into a crazy gothic-punk store and kinda getting freaked out. We ate lunch and then left. It was fun for just a little day trip.

Tomorrow, I think I'll probably just hang around London, maybe I'll do the Tower of London, cuz I still haven't done that yet. And I still need to find some black shoes... so I'll hit up Kensington High Street and try and find some for a decent price. But Dap might go to Oxford, so if he wakes me up and I feel like going, I'll do that. I can always go shopping on Monday.

So far my classes have been alright. I hate my Humanities professor. And my econ prof is horribly boring too. Ugggg, but my history and organization behavior profs are great. So I've got a 50-50 split. Oh well. Monday's are really easy for me, cuz I have a semi-early class, and then like 5 hrs break until my next class. It's awesome. Alright, I'm going to bed. I'm uploading half of my pictures from Canterbury tonight, and I'll upload the rest when I wake up tomorrow (it takes a long time!). So if you want to check it out, check out Goodnight!

Meaghan, Me and Dap at this spire/obelisk thingey ontop of this small hill overlooking Canterbury

Yay! Me at the Canterbury Cathedral

Ontop of the hill, looking over Canterbury and the spires of the cathedral in the distance behind those trees

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Class Schedule

Here's my current class schedule (subject to change at any time).

Monday -
9 - 10.30 Organizational Behavior
2 - 3 Convo
4 - 6 History 554: History of England

Tuesday -
1 - 3 Humanities
3.30 5.30 Humanities Museum Visit

Wednesday -
9 - 10.30 Organizational Behavior
2 - 4 Economics
4 - 6 History

Thursday -
1 - 3 Humanities
3.30 - 5.30 Economics

So yea, my load is pretty spread out... alright class time

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Here's the story... didn't go to Scotland. Didn't even leave London. Not my fault, I swear it isn't. Susan & I left about 3 hours before our flight. The bus ride to Stansted airport is *normally* only 1 hr. But for some reason, our bus (which was the right bus) spent an hour traveling around London, and after I asked the bus driver how much longer he said another hour. That wouldn't work, so we ditched and tried to find a taxi. Taxis unfortunately cost 100 GBP from wherever we were, and by the time we learned that our bus left without us. So now we're somewhere in London, with no ride and about an hour and half to get to Stansted. Our taxi driver suggested we go to a train station that was supposedly near by and then catch a train to Stansted. But it took 1/2 hr to get to the train station and then 20 min wait until our train arrived and then our train was another 30 minutes. So we arrived at the airport about 45 minutes *after* our plane had already left.

We tried to get another plane, Ryanair and Easyjet were all sold out though. So we had one more option: an all night bus ride. We left Stansted and went to Victoria station (which was were we left from originally about 5 hrs before). We checked with a ticket guy to see if there was a bus, and he said there was and plenty of room left. But Susan & I didn't have any cash (spent it all on taxi's and trains), so we grabbed some dinner and went to a cash machine. When we came back after about an hour, the bus that was supposedly empty was now full. So basically, yea, we didn't make it to Scotland, heck we didn't even make it outta the greater London area. What a waste. Oh well...

Today's the first day of classes... uggg

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Heading off to Scotland...

Ok, here's the plan: I'm leaving sometime today (hopefully in like 4 hours) to leave for Scotland for 3 days with Susan. I'll be back on Tuesday afternoon. My itinerary is in a previous post (scroll down).

The main point of this post is to let you guys know that I started a smugmug site to host all my pictures. I figured in addition to posting one or two of my favorite pictures (which I'll continue to do), you can see *all* of my pictures at I've got up like 70 something pictures from my Thames Walk experience. There's lots of pictures of Tower Bridge from lots of different angles... yes i got a little carried away.. but it's ok, cuz there's some awesome pictures in there, so check it out.

Alright, I'm out like ankle warmers in the '90s!!

Friday, January 07, 2005

Back in L-town (London)

So I'm back. Got back yesterday, flight took a long, long, looooooong time. We got delayed landing in Heathrow, so we had to circle for 30 minutes, and then we had to wait another 30 minutes until our gate was open. So I landed at around 11am and didn't get to my hotel until atound 1pm. I was planning on walking around all day. But that plan went to pot cuz the moment I got to the hotel, I passed out on the bed and didn't wake up for 6 hours. So now I'm jetlagged up the wazoooooooo. But after I woke up, I decided to go to a tube stop that I had never been to, and walk around. So I went to Tower Hill and walked across all the bridges I could find. It was fun, but cold!!

Tower Bridge

My hotel... i'm pretty sure this room used to be a laundry room or servant's quarters or something... it wasn't bad...just not good....

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Norris - you look like a crazy bowling addict FEIND!!!! calm down man, it's not the weight of your balls, it's the speed of your spin ;)