Saturday, January 22, 2005

Buddy Holly

So I've got a Weezer song stuck in my head, what of it?

Ya know what's gonna be super swell? I'm gonna be in Venice for Carnival!!! In case you didn't know, it's a huuuuuge party all over Venice for mardi gras. Generally you were exotic masks and have a grand time. Here's more info. It's gonna be awesome. I'll be in Venice February 4 - 6.

Also, I booked another trip to Scotland for February 11 - 13. My friend Ethan is turning 21 in a couple days, and so now we are able to rent a car. So me, Ethan, Dap and Justin are doing a boys weekend and heading up to Scotland and driving around for the weekend in a Ford Fusion. Supposedly it's gonna be anywhere from -1 degree C and 6 degrees C. It's gonna be an awesome time. And this time I'm DEFINATELY catching the plane.

Oh.. and the dates for my field trip to Ireland : February 15 - 21. And spring break: February 25 - March 5. Don't know yet what I'm gonna be doing for spring break... we're looking into a cruise on the Nile in Egypt to see the pyramids and just generally relax in warm weather for a week. OR if that falls through or it costs too much, I'm gonna go on a European rampage and hit up Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, and Marseilles. We'll see........... send money.


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