Saturday, January 15, 2005

Chaucer would've been proud

I visited the cathedral at Canterbury, where the pilgrim's in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales were headed. It was also the site of St. Thomas a Becket's murder. The town was pretty interesting from what we saw. There was just a lot of little shops. Seemed like a huge tourist trap, but whatever. There was the Cathedral and an old Norman castle, but it was pretty much in ruins and whatever was left of it was just a wall and couple towers. Me, Meaghan and Dap arrived at around 13.00 and we were leaving by 17.00. There wasn't a whole lot to do. We wandered around the cathedral for about an hour, spent some time walking around the little shopping area, going into a crazy gothic-punk store and kinda getting freaked out. We ate lunch and then left. It was fun for just a little day trip.

Tomorrow, I think I'll probably just hang around London, maybe I'll do the Tower of London, cuz I still haven't done that yet. And I still need to find some black shoes... so I'll hit up Kensington High Street and try and find some for a decent price. But Dap might go to Oxford, so if he wakes me up and I feel like going, I'll do that. I can always go shopping on Monday.

So far my classes have been alright. I hate my Humanities professor. And my econ prof is horribly boring too. Ugggg, but my history and organization behavior profs are great. So I've got a 50-50 split. Oh well. Monday's are really easy for me, cuz I have a semi-early class, and then like 5 hrs break until my next class. It's awesome. Alright, I'm going to bed. I'm uploading half of my pictures from Canterbury tonight, and I'll upload the rest when I wake up tomorrow (it takes a long time!). So if you want to check it out, check out Goodnight!


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