Saturday, January 08, 2005

Heading off to Scotland...

Ok, here's the plan: I'm leaving sometime today (hopefully in like 4 hours) to leave for Scotland for 3 days with Susan. I'll be back on Tuesday afternoon. My itinerary is in a previous post (scroll down).

The main point of this post is to let you guys know that I started a smugmug site to host all my pictures. I figured in addition to posting one or two of my favorite pictures (which I'll continue to do), you can see *all* of my pictures at I've got up like 70 something pictures from my Thames Walk experience. There's lots of pictures of Tower Bridge from lots of different angles... yes i got a little carried away.. but it's ok, cuz there's some awesome pictures in there, so check it out.

Alright, I'm out like ankle warmers in the '90s!!


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