Monday, January 31, 2005


This how it all goes down in Germany. They seriously have some of the nicest trains in Europe, from what I hear, only Switzerland has nicer trains. And that whole stereotype about Germans being the most efficient people on the planet...I totally believe it now. Their trains arrive exactly on time, and they leave exactly 3 minutes after they arrive, no later no earlier. Here's the story...

Meaghan and I flew into Frankfurt-Hahn (which is actually no where near Frankfurt). Our plane was about an hour late - we didn't realize it cuz we both fell asleep on the plane. And when we got there we had to wait an hour for the bus to Mainz left. The bus to Mainz took over an hour and we still had a 30 minute cab ride to our hotel. And we still weren't even in Frankfurt. Our hotel was in Rhein-main, a suburb of Frankfurt. By the time we checked in and left our bags behind, it was like 6:30PM. No time to be catching a who-knows-how-long train ride into Frankfurt. So we just decided to stay around the hotel for the night. We walked around a little... restaurante hopped until we found a menu that we could read - I refused to order off anything I couldn't read. So we foudn this sweet little pizzeria that gave you an entire pizza for 4 euros!! Holy crap, that's my favorite place ever. So then we bar hopped and headed back to the hotel.

Next morning we got up and headed out for Heidelberg for the day. Unfortunately, we accidentally - my bad - got on the wrong train. So we got off on the next stop hoping to just turn right around and get going in the right direction. What we didn't know was that it would be another hour until a train came by and picked us up. uggg, we sat in the freezing cold for over an hour just waiting. But we finally got on the right train, transferred a couple time and finally made it into Heidelberg. Apparently Heidelberg has the biggest pedestrian only zone in Europe. It's filled with all sorts of restaurantes, pubs, and shops.

It was cold!!

So we walked around for awhile and looked around. At the end of the zone is the Schloss Castle, and near the castle is the Moore Haus - the Pepperdine house.

The biggest pedestrian only zone in all of Europe... tons of shops and restaurantes

Schloss Castle... it's about 2 blocks from the Moore Haus

So Meaghan and I made the huge climb up to the castle and walked around the gardens and courtyard. It was a pretty cool castle. I haven't been to any castles that weren't in regular use (Tower of London and Windsor Castle are all being used today), so this was interesting. It was really pretty with all the snow over the ground. Made for some nice pictures. You can see all of them at

Me and Meaghan from the Schloss castle and the city behind and below us

So we basically just wandered around and took lots of pictures. We had no idea how to get to Moore Haus, which was our next destination, so luckily we ran into a couple Pepperdine kids wandering around like us and they gave us good directions. It's literally just down the street from the castle. The castle had some pretty fantastic views of Heidelberg though. It's a really pretty town, but I couldn't imagine living there for a year. No way. I'm too spoiled with all the things to do in London. I don't feel bad staying here for a weekend, there's plenty to do and see.

City of Heidelburg and the Neckar River

So next we headed off to the Moore Haus, and we were happy to find that the London house is sooo much nicer than Moore haus! On the outside it looks really really nice...

The Moore Haus, where the Heidelberg Pepperdine kids live

...but when you go inside, it's really dank and dark. It's actually really depressing. It's old and kinda run down. There really isn't a whole lot to do in the house. Their rooms are small (although they claim they are huge, they're nothing compared to our rooms). Their student lounge was just ridiculously small... and they all had the maturity to build a fort down stairs from sheets - which they thought was the coolest thing ever - and I would've thought so too... if i were 10 years old. So we left Heidelberg, headed back to Frankfurt and enjoyed the comfort of our hotel, both of us happy we didn't go to Heidelberg.

So we headed out the next morning, had to take a shuttle to the main Frankfurt airport and then a transfer bus to the Frankfurt-Hahn and then catch a flight home!!! It was a lot of travel as you can see... We didn't have a whole lot of down time. But it was just a quick weekend trip.. what can you do? It was a good weekend. Meaghan and I had fun, she got made fun of in a restaurante by some German guy... it's all good in the hood. So anyways, just wanted to relay the story... I've got a paper to research for and some other reading. Next weekend I'm gonna be in Venice for Carnaval, Europe's celebration of Mardi Gras. It's gonna be spectacular. And the weekend after that I'm in Scotland!

We got to the airport and it was snowing pretty good... i love the snow!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Moore Haus and Heidelberg are amazing! Okay...I didn't spend too much time in the Moore Haus when I went to school there in '94-95, but there truly is a lot to do around Heidelberg. It's a student city, which is why it's so much fun. Granted, London has tons going on, but we had all of Europe going on around us while in Heidelberg. Every weekend, it was just a hop, jump and a skip off to a different city in Europe. Honestly, Heidelberg is where I had the best year of my life, hands down.

2:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed- the HD house and program are way better than London. I guess it depends on what is important to you ...

11:34 PM  

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