Thursday, January 27, 2005


What does hotdogs have anything to do with this post?

Absolutely nothing.

Except I am going to where they were invented this weekend: Frankfurt Germany. Yea, I really didn't know I was gonna be going anywhere, until I got really bored and a couple nights ago decided to go through all of RyanAir's many destinations (many of which I didn't even know what country they were in) and Frankfurt was cheap for a last minute flight, so I bought two tickets. Me and Meaghan are gonna be bombin it in Germany this weekend. But we are definately avoided Heidelberg... don't want to get sucked into that hell hole.

So classes are going ok. They are long, and a couple of my professors are absolutely horrible. I guess I'll get through it...

Alright, so I'll keep you guys updated on how Frankfurt went and all that. It's dinner time for me!


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