Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Here's the story... didn't go to Scotland. Didn't even leave London. Not my fault, I swear it isn't. Susan & I left about 3 hours before our flight. The bus ride to Stansted airport is *normally* only 1 hr. But for some reason, our bus (which was the right bus) spent an hour traveling around London, and after I asked the bus driver how much longer he said another hour. That wouldn't work, so we ditched and tried to find a taxi. Taxis unfortunately cost 100 GBP from wherever we were, and by the time we learned that our bus left without us. So now we're somewhere in London, with no ride and about an hour and half to get to Stansted. Our taxi driver suggested we go to a train station that was supposedly near by and then catch a train to Stansted. But it took 1/2 hr to get to the train station and then 20 min wait until our train arrived and then our train was another 30 minutes. So we arrived at the airport about 45 minutes *after* our plane had already left.

We tried to get another plane, Ryanair and Easyjet were all sold out though. So we had one more option: an all night bus ride. We left Stansted and went to Victoria station (which was were we left from originally about 5 hrs before). We checked with a ticket guy to see if there was a bus, and he said there was and plenty of room left. But Susan & I didn't have any cash (spent it all on taxi's and trains), so we grabbed some dinner and went to a cash machine. When we came back after about an hour, the bus that was supposedly empty was now full. So basically, yea, we didn't make it to Scotland, heck we didn't even make it outta the greater London area. What a waste. Oh well...

Today's the first day of classes... uggg


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