Tuesday, February 08, 2005

They call me "tatter salad"

I think I got like at least 11 hrs of sleep last night, and I'm still really tired. This last weekend really drained me. I think I got about 13 hours of sleep over the weekend and most of those were on a train or in a train station. So I needed that sleep last night, and I need more!!! Of course, from what I hear, Charis has been getting much less than me. At least I can sleep in on during the week somewhat.

So you want to hear the story from Venice huh? It was a lot of fun. I went with Susan and Matt and met up with more people who were traveling separately the second day. We spent half of friday traveling to Venice and all of Sunday coming back. So I got to spend Friday night and all of Saturday exploring Venice and taking in the sights of Carnevale. I think I explained what Carnevale was in my last post. It's really hard to explain in words, you'll have to look at the pictures on my picture website. Venice was really nice, even though I had already been there last semester, I loved it so much I wanted to go again. Carnevale was the perfect time to go. It was beautiful, a little cold, but the sun was out to keep us warm. During the day we walked around all the campos (smaller squares) and took pictures of all the people dressed up in their elaborate costumes. There was tons of people there. San Marco's square was packed with people. They had a stage set up and at night they had bands playing. It was an awesome experience and one of my most fun weekends.

One of the many people wandering around in elaborate costumes

The bad story is kind of complicated. Let's just say that I missed my train, and ended up being stranded in some random train station in Italy. I honestly had no idea where I was. I was forced to sleep on the floor of this small dingy station.

But now I'm back, I survived the experience, I made it back safe and sound...somewhat. I bought an awesome mask, but lost in somewhere in Venice...along with my beanie which fell out of my pocket and I didn't realize it. Oh well...

I'm determined to relax this week. We've had 2 classes so far cancelled this week, and i've spent the time sitting around on my butt like everyone should. =) This weekend I'm going to Scotland with Ethan, Justin and Dap. Then we're leaving on tuesday (early early morning) for Dublin. We'll be in dublin until sunday. and then the weekend after that I'm off for spring break, traveling across Spain and France. I still need to book all those plans. Alright it's dinner time for me!

Later guys


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