Thursday, October 13, 2005

Class sucks

It's been awhile... I'm out of practice writing on this, I don't know what to do!

Oh, I went to San Francisco last weekend. It made me miss Europe even more now though. I definately got used to going to a different city/country every weekend last year.

I must say that it's very weird being back in Malibu and actually going to college. But living off campus and essentially on my own (with some help from the parents...thanks for the food guys!) makes it so much better. I can't believe how bad freshman year was, looking back on it...i just shake my head and start muttering to myself. I tell if you i had to go through it again, I'd go postal. And shoot up the mail room at school, cuz that place just sucks, they have no system for anything. It's the only place in America where you WANT to get a pink slip. Why'd they have to make the package notification slips PINK??? A simple white "You have a package waiting for you" would've been nice, but no, Pepperdine has to appeal to the entire female population and the 40% of the male population that's gay. Yea, that's right, 40% of guys at Pepperdine like to do other men! Thank god i fit perfectly in that 60%. But i was thinking, Pepperdine already has a 60% - 40% split of girls - guys. and since 40% of guys are apparently uninteresting in girls, that means the real split is 60% girls - 16% gay men - 26% straight men. That means that there's MORE than two girls for every straight guy here on campus.

Damn, I only got one... I need to get crackin'..... and so do you...


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